"Everyday I'm Shufflin'!" - Fabric Markers!!!

About a month ago my daughter came home with an Order Form for Field Day shirts.  I put the form aside, and found it several weeks later, only to realize that I missed the deadline to order a shirt.  
This did not go over too well with her, and so I promised to make her an even better shirt!   (wink wink)
So here it is, the day before her Field Day, and I'm running off to Hobby Lobby to find fabric paint!  What I came across was something even better...Fabric Paint Markers!

I took one of her old shirts, one that has a few stains, and one that she will probably outgrow soon anyways.

I also bought a pack of Stencils...which were kind of $$$, but I was able to use a 40% off coupon.

With a pencil, I traced around the inside of each letter...
(If you're using a light colored marker, you may want to skip this step, because you will see the pencil line even after coloring over it with marker.)

I used a FabricMate DYE Ink Marker to color inside the letters...
(You will want to put cardboard underneath, as the Marker is a lot like a Sharpie, and will bleed through.)

This is kind of a slow process, as you kind of have to dab the marker into the fabric.  But let me just say, these markers were SUPER easy to use...no mess, no odor, a great aternative to "paint"!

And then there was the constant interference by the kitty cat who decided he wanted attention right when I was trying to get this shirt done. ;-)
Here he is giving me the Evil Eye...

But alas, I FINALLY finished it!   

I went and added a little shirt and skirt for the girl on the shirt...

And in case you're wandering, the theme for Field Day was "Everyday I'm shufflin", which is why it says, "Shufflin" on the front of her shirt.

So whatcha think? 

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