The Always-Changing "Dining Room"

It wasn't until recently that I discovered my love for Gray, Yellow, and a pop of Aqua...my new "color pallet" for the House.
I've experimented with lots of different colors, and I think it drives my husband CRAZY that I can't just make. up. my. mind!  ha ha

This post is about my always changing Dining Room.
Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures taken of the 1st "before" picture, but it consisted of baby blue and white.

I went through this "red" phase, so to begin...

We used crumbled up tissue paper to texture the walls (very time consuming, by the way.) then painted over that with a hue of red, and then brushed over the red with a golden glaze.

So it started off looking like this:

We have 2 Dining Rooms, one I guess you would call, a Formal?  Although, we are very un-formal people.  The other is more of a Dining Room Nook area next to our Kitchen.  We have two Table and Chair Sets, neither which I'm absolutely in love with, but they will have to do for now until we find and can afford our ultimate Dining Set. 
The Dining Room set you see below was a Craigslist find for $300.00.  I may actually keep this furniture, or at least the China cabinet, and maybe paint it?...another DIY project down the road.

A ceiling fan used to actually be where the chandelier is...

While I was cleaning one day, I decided to pull out some white paint I had on hand, and paint the bottom wall below the corner railing.  By doing this, it actually opened the room up a bit.

From there I bought a new rug that I had been eyeing at Target (only later to learn that it wasn't the proper size to go underneath a table of that size.), added faux wooded blinds, and some pretty palm trees.

Of course, since these pictures were taken, I've killed both palm trees (I obviously don't have a green thumb...ha ha), and I no longer use that rug underneath the table.

Good Bye RED, Hello GRAY!
Here is a most recent picture taken of our Dining Room!
The paint color is Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray.

This is only the beginning stages of this Room, I have LOTS planned! 
I just hung the original pictures back up for now, but I think I'm planning on doing something entirely different on that wall.  I also changed out the dining room table, and put the other set in the kitchen dining nook area.
So stay tuned, for more is coming...

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