Everything CRAFT!!!

It wasn't until recently that I FINALLY realized that I have SUCH a passion for crafting, decorating, diy'ing, etc.  Sure, I think I've always enjoyed those things, but I've always been a bit scared to try new things, and didn't really know what my "style" was.

So this post is of everything that I've done in the past ((or that I have pictures of)) that led me to where I am today.  Today, I'm not so scared to try new things ((like using a hammer or a power drill)), I'm not so scared to be a little "different" ((like my color scheme in my house being aqua, yellow, and grays!))  Sure, it may not be every one's taste, but it's what makes ME happy! =)

Bow Holder:
((This is just an old picture frame, fabric, and ribbon...))

Spa Invitations:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Invitation:
((saw this idea on Pottery Barn Kids website))

Gift Baskets:
((Spa themed Birthday Party))

Gift Bags:
((Handy Mandy themed Birthday Party))

Thanksgiving Table Setting:

Christmas Table Setting:

Glazed Pine cones:

(that's our kitty, Oscar)

Christmas Wreath:
((with help from my awesomely talented, Sister))

Framed Cork board:
((saw this done on PBK website:))

Framed Chalkboard:

Valentine's Day goodies:

Thanksgiving Teacher Gifts:
((filled with a pumpkin scone from Starbucks!))

Picture Frames to display Children's artwork:

Teacher Gift-Giving:

...and more recently, my love for Pallet Art:
((and you can find more of that here))

Gift Wrapping:

...and who doesn't need MORE hangers?!  Tee Hee

So those are just a few things I've done in the past...or at least everything I have pictures of. =)

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God Bless!
~ Jenny xoxo

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