Upcycling a Headboard/Foot-board to a Bench:

I am sooo excited to show y'all just how EASY this next project is!!!

My very first headboard/foot board turned bench was this one...

And you can read ALL about it here.

The problem with that one was, I wasn't quite sure how to build it sturdy enough to hold an adult.  So it became more of a decorative piece, and my children sit on it at times.

This was such a big hit, that I really needed to figure out how to make it solid so that I could actually sell them!

My Sister came over that day, and we figured this out together!

We took our plan to Home Depot, and after talking with someone there about our plans, we came up with this...

Step 1:  Cut your Foot board in half. 

We did this by using a Circular Saw.

12-Amp 7-1/4 in. Circular Saw

To assemble the bench, each headboard/foot-board is designed a little bit different.  On this one, we were able to just screw part of the foot-board right to the side of the headboard piece.

We used 2 x 6 to make the base...

For the top, I believe we used some 1 x 4's

To make our cuts, we used a Compound Miter Saw...

Ryobi 14-Amp 10 in. Compound Miter Saw
This one was mine, and we basically built it exactly like the one above...

...except that we had to attach the Foot-board just a tad bit differently...

And here they are!!!

We painted and distressed them with 2 different colors of Aqua...

"See!!!  Easy-peasy, right?!"

~ Jenny xoxo

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  1. Jenny, these benches are pretty cool! But, I think you should look into a Kreg Jig Jr. It's a must-have for these projects. ☺