Taking out the 80's Wet Bar:

I am sooo excited and relieved that I can finally see the light at the end of tunnel for the Stairs remodel!
It is such a cool feeling to see something you have envisioned, come to life!

So I left you off here, demolition of the stairs - Part 2, where we took out the stairs and 80's wet bar! 

We did hire some help to put the french doors in, but to keep the costs down, we took out all of the framing and drywall ahead of time.

Behind this wall is what separates the garage apartment to the main part of the house.  We decided to put some glass french doors here, to bring more natural light into the room.  Also, in the future, we're planning on possibly converting it into the Master Bedroom, so it'll be nice to have a door right off the main living area in the house. 

I knocked out all the drywall, then had my hubby cut down all of the framing...
(That's my brother making the goofy face in the background...haha)

We had someone come out to install the door, and so this is where we're at now...

Here's a side-by-side view of the progress...

By putting a door there, it really opens up, and extends the downstairs living area! 

If you're just now following, we took out our stairs, and put in a spiral staircase.  You can read all about that here.

Thank You so much for looking! 
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~ Jenny xoxo

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