Home Depot Kids Workshops:

We finally made it out to the FREE Home Depot Kids Workshop today!

Home Depot offers Do-It-Yourself, Do-It-Herself, and Kids Workshops each month!  You can go online and register for any of these classes, and they're all FREE!!!

Today's theme was:

Come Out and Play with the Fun of "Despicable Me 2"!

When we got there, each child was given a Home Depot apron with their names on them.  
If this is something you want to start doing every month, hold on to their aprons, because they receive commemorative pins to put on them.
We were also given little kits to build a toy car. 
We were provided with all the tools needed...hammer, nails, wood glue, etc.

...and the kids just had a BLAST!


Be sure to check out the other FREE workshops Home Depot offers!

I went to the last Do-It-Herself workshop to build a Adirondack Chair, and it was sooo much fun!

~ Jenny xoxo

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