UPCYCLED Soda Crate:

Yesterday I stopped at a Garage Sale on my way home...

Check out all of my Vintage finds!!!

You may have seen this picture I posted on my Facebook page!

I just LOVE everything, but I already have a trunk,...don't really need another one. So I'm actually going to re-sell that one to make a profit.
This is usually how I do things.  I'll buy things that I know I can make some money off of, to afford the things that I want to keep.
"Okay, that was WAY too many things!"
ha ha

For example, this is what I spent:

Vintage Trunk: $25.00
Pepsi Crate: $5.00
Stool: $1.00
Frames: $1.00 each
...and I bought a set of dishes for $3.00

So I spent about $40.00

The only Keepers are going to be the Crate and the dishes!

I just sold the Trunk for $60.00, giving me a profit of $35.00
So that already nearly paid for the money I spent!!!

The frames are going to be up-cycled into something else, probably a Chalkboard Frame, which I will probably then sell for $20 each.
The stool will probably re-sell for $15.00

So in the end, I will be making quite a bit of profit, AND the best part of it, I got what I REALLY wanted for FREE!!!

Now...for the FUN stuff!!!

Check out my Pepsi Crate!!!

"Cute, Cute, Cuuttteee, right?!"

Thanks for looking! =)

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~ Jenny

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